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About Sharing Formulations Private Limited

Sharing Formulations Pvt. Ltd. is a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm that is situated in the state of Gujarat in India. Year 2017 marks the beginning of operations for Sharing Formulations Pvt. Ltd. The cancer-supportive products market is one in which Sharing Formulations Pvt. Ltd. excels. Oncostrol is one of the most well-known brands of Megestrol Acetate produced by Sharing Formulations Pvt Ltd, and it is particularly well-known among oncologists in Gujarat.

Oncostrol 160mg Sharing.png


"Have faith in what will be, acknowledge what already is, and learn to accept what is." "Only surround yourself with people who are going to make you stronger," the advice advises. "Cancer is not a sentence; it is merely a word." "I will be by your side even when you are navigating treacherous waters."

"Sharing mission is to provide best quality medicines for cancer patients"


To raise awareness of supportive therapy among oncology specialists and to assist in improving the overall quality of life of cancer patients with the assistance of their treating physicians.

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